Jiwoo Travels to Bangkok, Thailand

          Jiwoo’s family traveled from India to Bangkok in Thailand for four days. She experienced new things that her home country Korea did not have. She had lot of time with her family and with her sibling. 
Experiencing Bangkok 

          For first two days, Jiwoo and her family went to a mall called ‘Terminal 21’ which was the same building as her hotel. That’s where she saw what Bangkok was all about. There was various foods starting from main menu to dessert. Especially she loved sushi. She said the sushi is always made freshly and given. That’s why it was delicious and amazing. The theme of this mall is showing several world’s famous cities on each floor. And it expresses the uniqueness of that city. 

Running on BTS

         On last two days, Jiwoo tried the BTS which is a subway that goes to above the ground. She went from ‘Asok’ to ‘Phrom Phong’ and ‘Siam’. They are the stations but connected to the large malls. Bangkok used similar way to get tickets and to ride the subway. But she was surprised that the station and the subway itself is on the ground and the metro is moving on the bridge. Jiwoo never saw this before, she kept looking through the window and watched high and shining buildings passing quickly.

Relaxed for Fresh Start
          Jiwoo came to Bangkok for her winter break and it also means new and fresh start for her. She enjoyed herself wonderfully rested with her family well. She points out that she will never forget this beautiful moment of time and surely she will come to Bangkok again. When she got to Suvarnabhumi airport she felt this vacation was a bit short and regretted.

Museum project


I learned more about this Indus Valley civilization people. And especially about this bull seal, how it explained their culture and how they lived. And how this Indus Valley civilization was different form other civilization.