My Home

“Tap, tap!”
“Jiwoo! Wake up! It’s snowing outside!” my brother woke me up with a sudden shake.

I opened my eyes widely and jumped out of the bed, running to the balcony. As I touched the glass window, I shivered. It was freezing cold. I could tell, it is winter now. The world was all white. Everything was covered with icy cold snow. And it was falling from the blue sky, filling the gaps of the world.

Every year, when first snow comes, every time, I got so excited. I wore my winter clothes. Red gloves, purple muffler, yellow furry jacket and my favorite pink boots. I went outside and took a deep breath. It was absolutely different than yesterday. It was freezing cold, but the excitement melted me down and set a fire inside me.

Cold snow comforts me. When it touches my cheek, it’s like a thought of the soft cloud touching you, but it goes away quickly, unexpectedly. Snow is just like this. When you touch it, it goes way after a second. I know nothing can stay forever. Snow is one of them. That’s why I always get so excited about it. Just one or two months later, it goes away completely. So, I want to be with it, inside those short moments.

Rolling, rolling, rolling the snow to make a tall, tall snowman. Sometimes, when snowball breaks apart, I sniff. Sometimes, when it does not even becomes a ball, I sniff again. Sometimes, when rolling it goes and becomes really heavy, I scream, “HELP!” It feels like I’m moving a huge rock, but not as simple as that. Inside of me says, “It may break!” The point is I can neither go backwards or go forwards. It may break!

Whenever I walk on the snow, my ears get sensitive. As I walk on the side of the road, fully covered with snow, it is just plain and smooth Here I listen. Every step I take makes a soft crunch sound. Just like when you imagine walking on the cloud, but the the sound of soft rain drops lingers under your feet. Tap, tap, chap, chap.

Of course, I like to play with snow, but also I like to enjoy the sound of snow. I still remember the clear sound of snow, just like it was yesterday when it snowed.

“Jiwoo, it’s the first snow!” my friends used to say.

“Jiwoo, be careful, the ground is frozen!” my mom used to say.

“Jiwoo, do you want to go out? It’s snowing.” my brother used to say.

“Jiwoo, let’s go to ride on the sled.” my father used to say.

It was just a passing day that just left in second. It was just a small moment of time like a bolt of light passed through. These moments are still in my heart, alive, like a tiny fire, but never goes out inside me. I remember. Where I call, ‘my home’.

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